Raise up a people who would become a home for the Holy Spirit and carry the spirit of revival.



It all begins with a Jesus encounter. Once you’ve experienced the reality of God’s presence and love nothing remains the same. Our desire is to see Jesus manifested and revealed everywhere we go. That our cities and communities would be affected by the perfect image found in Jesus. In Him we live, we move and we exist, meaning we don’t just encounter Him, we choose to say yes to His invitation of becoming a home to His Word and Spirit.


Jesus called us to go into all the world and make disciples. This invites us to graciously give away that which was graciously given to us. Our aim is to give away that same compassionate love Jesus demonstrated to us. That others would have an experience with His power and His presence. That our church family would be fully influenced by the Holy Spirit to give away of the same eternal life that has been given to them which is to intimately know Jesus.


Jesus’ perfect image is only revealed when the pieces come together. We are all a part of His body called Christ. His will is that we might come together and be one just as He is one. That we might be just as He is in heaven right now. Our call to arise and shine together is for the purpose of revealing the light which has come to bring hope and welcome on earth that which is in Heaven. Jesus said that the world will know us by our love. As we rise together we shine His love and bring healing to a world in need.